Original Article

20-Year Change in the Perception of Orthodontic Treatment: A Cross-Sectional Study


  • Mehmet Ali Yavan
  • Merve Nur Eğlenen

Received Date: 30.12.2021 Accepted Date: 22.03.2022 Turk J Orthod 2022;35(4):276-283


To compare the changes in the perception towards orthodontics between the first and second decades over the 20-year period based on a collaborative hypertext dictionary site.


The orthodontics-related entries were searched on the EksiSozluk website (http://www.eksisozluk.com). The keyword was determined as “diş teli” (“brace”) and a total of 1,028 entries that were contributed between 2001 and 2021 were analyzed. Entries were divided into five general categories based on their content: definition, asking for advice, humor, advertising, and transfer of experience. The transfer of experience category was further divided into four subcategories: procedure, motivation, advice, and complaint. For each entry, the attitude of the contributor was also noted. Entries were compared between the two decades with regard to content and attitude towards orthodontics.


The average number of entries contributed per year was 13.40 ± 10.58 in the first decade and was 89.40 ± 44.67 in the second decade, the increase was statistically significant (P < .05). A significant difference was observed between the two decades in terms of content (P < .05). There was a proportional decrease in the definition and an increase in the transfer of experience. Moreover, the rate of entries containing a complaint decreased and motivation increased in the second decade (P < .05). On the other hand, there was also a significant change between the two decades with regard to the distribution of attitudes, whereby the rate of positive entries increased in the second decade (P < .05).


The contributors’ attitudes towards orthodontics shifted from negative in the first decade to positive in the second decade.

Keywords: Orthodontics, collaborative hypertext dictionary, perception, social media