Original Article

Cephalometrıc Investıgatıon Of Long And Short Face Syndromes


  • Orhan Babayiğit
  • Yalçın Işımer
  • Deniz Sağdıç

Turk J Orthod 1991;4(1):1-8

In this study, the different types of the face which show different relations on vertical plane and subdivisions of those have been defined and the effectiveness of the dento-alveolar compensation mechanism in various faces has been investigated. For the purpose of explaining this matter 104 individuals (52 male, 52 female) which have compensatory and real long-faced, realand compensatory short-faced and normal faced have been included on this study. 8 Lineer and 5 angular measurements have been carried out related to these individuals tooth, jaw and face structure. The results obtained have been evaluated bioistatistically. It has been come to conclusion that the vertical dimension of ramus was an important guide region and the dento alveolar compensation which become more valuable in diagnosis of these syndroms provided an adaptation to the vertical dimension of ramus. Also, coming to a position in a manner which complete the dento-alveoler compensation of posterior cranial-base length and the axial inclination of lower and upper central incisor is an other result we resehed

Keywords: Long Face, Shot Face, Syndrom, Compensation