Original Article

Comparatıve Evaluatıon Of Upper Molar Dıstalızatıon Wıth Modıfıed Pendulum Applıance And Combıned Headgear


  • Ümit Gürton
  • Hüseyin Ölmez
  • Deniz Sağdıç
  • Osman Bengi
  • Ertuğrul Erdoğan

Turk J Orthod 1997;10(3):321-328

The purpose of this study is to compare Modified Pendulum Appliance and Extra-oral Force Techniques in dental Class 2 cases for the distalization of upper molars. The study was carried out on the pre-and post-treatment lateral cephalograms of 40 cases. Upper molars of 20 cases were distalized by Modified Pendulum Appliance, while Extra-oral Forces were used in the other 20 cases. Dentofacial changes were evaluated by means of cephalometric analysis after 3 months treatment period. The amount of molar distalizations were found statistically significant in both groups and Angle Class 1 molar relationships were provided more rapidly in Modified Pendulum Appliance group. Cooperation problem was noticed in Extraoral Force, group, however there was no complaint in Modified Pendulum Appliance group.

Keywords: Modified Pendulum appliance, molar distalization