Original Article

Comparison of Tie Wing Fracture Resistance of Differing Ceramic Brackets


  • Mary Kate James
  • Qingzhao Yu
  • Htwe Mon
  • Xiaoming Xu
  • Alli Blanchard
  • Paul Armbruster
  • Richard W. Ballard

Received Date: 06.10.2021 Accepted Date: 11.02.2022 Turk J Orthod 2022;35(4):255-259


The aim of this study was to compare the tie wing fracture resistance of 4 different manufacturers’ ceramic brackets currently on the market.


The tie wings of ceramic brackets from 4 manufacturers were tested with 10 samples in each group. The brackets were Ormco Symetri, 3M Clarity, American Radiance Plus, and Dentsply Ovation S. The brackets were mounted and fixed in a universal testing machine. A stainless steel ligature wire was looped around a tie wing and the mean tensile strength was both tested and recorded.


There was a significant overall difference in tensile strength among the 4 groups (P < .0001) with the 3M Clarity brackets having the highest MPa. When the groups were compared to each other, they also showed a significant difference in mean tensile strength with the exception being the American Radiance Plus and Ormco Symetri brackets.


Test results concluded that the 3M Clarity brackets had the highest resistance to tie wing fracture, while the Dentsply Ovation S brackets had the lowest resistance.

Keywords: Fracture resistance, ceramic orthodontic brackets, tie wing fracture, monocrystalline, polycrystalline