Original Article

Evaluatıon Of Attıtudes Of Orthodontıc Patıents Who Applıed At The Orthodontıc Department Of Istanbul Unıversıty


  • Hülya Kılıçoğlu
  • Serkal Arman
  • Can Par
  • Muhsin Çifter
  • Burcu Akar

Turk J Orthod 2003;16(3):167-174

This study was planned to investigate the patient's attitudes in Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics. 406 individuals (222 females, 184 males) aged between 7–15 years were included in the study. Patients were asked to answer a questionnaire consisting of 11 questions concerning, their reasons to choose and come to the department, their socio-economic and educational conditions and their level of consciousness about orthodontic therapy. Chi-square test was used to analyse the findings. It was found that most of our patients were native citizens who wanted straight teeth and good facial apperences and who chose our department because it was trustworthy and economical 90% of the patients had some kind social security. Most of them were in the low income group. Information level on orthodontic therapy was in correlation with educational status (X2mother: 27.26, p<0.001; X2father: 16.24, p<0.001). Females were more enthusiastic than males (X2: 4.95, p<0.05) for orthodontic treatment.

Keywords: Questionnaire, Orthodontic patients