Case Report

Lıngual Orthodontıc On The Extracted And Non Extracted Cases


  • Zahir Altuğ

Turk J Orthod 1991;4(1):95-104

Lingual technic-which opened a new period in fixed orthodontic treatment-has been used for patient treatments since 1970's. In the recent years, this technic, which is the product of high esthetic understanding, has created a special technology for itself. Today, many firms are producing lingual technic brackets, unvisible wires etc. for use of orthodontics. The orthodontic treatment instruments, which are being put on the unvisible surfaces of the teeth provide the adult people to accept the orthodontic treatment. In this study, general knowledge and the history about the lingual technic have been stated and two cases-one with extraction, the other with non-extraction. Which have been treated with this technique have been reported.

Keywords: Lingual Technic, Mushroom Archwire