Original Article

Optımal Incısor Posıtıons Whıch Must Be Achıeved By Orthodontıc Treatment And Anb Angle In Hypodıvergent Cranıofacıal Pattern


  • Ayşegül Köklü

Turk J Orthod 1991;4(1):73-78

Incisor positions are usually determined due to the eANB angle, in orthodontic treatment planning. The reliability of this method in hypodivergent facial pattern was tested in the present study. Normal occlusion and malocclusion groups were formed, each comprising 37 subjects with hypodivergent skeletal configurations. The youngest subject of the whole study sample was in DP3u period. Correlations between incisor positions and ANB angle were investigated on 74 lateral cephalograms. Variables 1 /NA, 1-NA, 1 /NB and 1-NB were found to be topographically correlated with ANB angle due to the relative localisations of points N,A and B to each other. It was concluded that, in subjects with normal occlusion and hypodivergent facial pattern, the positions of the incisors are not determined to compansate the sagittal relations of points A and B.

Keywords: Hypodivergent, Incisor Position, ANB Angle