Case Report

Orthodontic Management of the Edentulous Space Caused by Surgical Removal of a Large Dentigerous Cyst


  • Yuko Yamada
  • Chihiro Arai
  • Kazutoshi Nakaoka
  • Takumasa Yoshida
  • Keita Sasaki
  • Go Arai
  • Yoshiki Hamada
  • Hiroshi Tomonari

Received Date: 18.03.2021 Accepted Date: 24.10.2021 Turk J Orthod 2022;35(3):216-222

Herein, we report the orthodontic management of a patient with excessive bone and permanent tooth loss after surgical cyst removal. The patient was a 13-year-old Japanese boy who was referred to our department by an oral surgeon. He had an edentulous space with alveolar bone loss and loss of 2 permanent molars in the left mandibular region, following surgical removal of a large dentigerous cyst. We decided to close this space orthodontically. First, we moved the left mandibular second premolar into the edentulous region and autotransplanted the left maxillary lateral incisor in the adjacent distal space. We then performed comprehensive orthodontic treatment to establish stable occlusion. Following treatment, functional and stable occlusion of all permanent teeth was achieved without any spaces. The findings from this case suggest that orthodontic treatment is effective in growing patients with edentulous spaces and alveolar bone loss.

Keywords: Alveolar bone loss, autotransplantation, dentigerous cyst, orthodontics