Original Article

Is Third-Molar Agenesis Related to the Incidence of Other Missing Teeth?


  • A. Burcu Altan
  • Ali Altuğ Bıçakçı

Turk J Orthod 2014;27(4):143-147


The aim of this study was to investigate whether third-molar agenesis is related to agenesis of other missing teeth (incisor-premolar hypodontia [IPH]).

Materials and Method:

A sample of 94 Turkish patients with agenesis of upper lateral incisors and/or second premolars was selected from 2357 records. Another sample of 94 patients without agenesis (excluding third molars) was drawn from the same set of records and used as a control group. An orthopantomograph of each patient was used to determine the presence or absence of teeth. Differences in the frequency of third-molar agenesis between sexes and between the groups were assessed by chi-square test.


No difference in the prevalence of third-molar agenesis between the groups was shown (p=0.30). The incidence of IPH was found to be significantly different between genders (p=0.00), whereas no significant difference in the incidence of third-molar agenesis was found between sexes (p=0.07).


The subjects with IPH were not found to be more prone to third-molar agenesis than subjects without any tooth agenesis. Consequently, the results of this study did not reveal a relationship between IPH and third-molar agenesis. Moreover, in contrast to typical tooth agenesis, no difference was found in the prevalence of third-molar agenesis between the sexes.

Keywords: Incisor-premolar hypodontia, Third-molar agenesis