Case Report

The Treatment Of Class Iı Dıvısıon 1 Malocclusıons By 2x4 Technıque Durıng Mıxed Dentıtıon


  • İsmail Ceylan
  • Aynur Medine Şahin

Turk J Orthod 1996;9(2):263-269

In this article, three cases in mixed dentition stage were presented, which were treated by 2x4 technique without using any extraoral force or class II elastics. All patients had class II molar relationship and excessive overjet. It has been observed from the cases treated by this technique that pronounced clinical and cephalometric changes was obtained in a short period. The overjet was reduced significantly, and a good esthetics was established.

Keywords: Mixed dentition, Class II division 1, 2x4 technique