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Evaluation of First Molar Buccolingual Angulations and Dental Arch Parameters in Adolescents with Bilateral Posterior Crossbite
  • Taner Öztürk
  • Ahmet Yağcı
  • Sabri İlhan Ramoğlu
Turk J Orthod 0; 0: 0-0 [e-Pub] DOI: 10.4274/TurkJOrthod.2022.2022.59
Conventional Twin-Block Versus Cervical Headgear and Twin-Block Combination: Therapeutic Effects on the Craniofacial Structures in Growing Subjects
  • Beytullah Gülsoy
  • Mehmet Ali Yavan
Turk J Orthod 0; 0: 0-0 [e-Pub] DOI: 10.4274/TurkJOrthod.2022.2022.84
Comparison of Pain Levels on Patients Undergoing Fixed Orthodontic Treatment with 2 Different Self- Ligating Bracket Systems
  • Mustafa Dedeoğlu
  • Ömür Polat Özsoy
Turk J Orthod 0; 0: 0-0 [e-Pub] DOI: 10.4274/TurkJOrthod.2023.2022.128
Starting Mandibular Advancement Device Therapy in Patients with Good Protrusive Capacity: A Randomized Pilot Study
  • Marie Marklund
  • Marie Marklund
Turk J Orthod 0; 0: 0-0 [e-Pub] DOI: 10.4274/TurkJOrthod.2022.2022.54
Bond Strength and Surface Roughness of Two Ceramics After Metal Bracket Debonding
  • Luciana P.B. Arcas
  • Kusai Baroudi
  • Caroline A.B. de Matos
  • Fabiana C. Ribeiro
  • Laís R. Silva-Concílio
  • Marina Amaral
Turk J Orthod 0; 0: 0-0 [e-Pub] DOI: 10.4274/TurkJOrthod.2022.2022.23